Being on vacation with her parents, six year-old Tika discovers that their
rented beach house is a secret entrance to a magic land among the stars.

Together with her cat and her friend Angie, she spends more and more time there.
But one night, her cat goes missing.

Now the two girls need a lot of imagination and the help of all the
creatures who live in the magic land, in which dreams come true.

A hilarious tale that follows in the great tradition of Lewis Carroll,
John Lennon, and many other masters of the genre.
It's bound to delight children and adults alike.

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copyright by chris wanten (c) 2015

Coming (hopefully) in 2016:

Tika's inexplicable number

Tika and Angie back are in their magic land in which dreams come true.
This time Tika's friend Melanie is with them. Or isn't she?
And what is all this terrible noise about?
Questions over questions...

This is a short except from the first chapter:

»Awflee three,«
Deedee Doop said and climbed onto
Tika's bed. There he sat down and looked
at the two girls.

»Doi!« he called.
Doi-the moop opened the wardrobe door an
unnoticeable bit and hopped out.
Like Deedee, he looked like a clown in a
soldier's uniform.

»Doi!« Deedee called anew, »is it her?«

»Dunno,« Doi replied, »she's a giant!
Let me see..« He climbed onto
Melanie's mattress.
Even though Doi wasn't taller than
a hand,
Melanie must have felt him, and
she opened her eyes.

»Princess!« Doi exclaimed.

Melanie was so surprised that
she didn't know what to say or do.
Finally Deedee came over.

»How do we
get you small again?«
he wanted to know.

»There must be a valve somewhere,«
Doi suggested, but Deedee's look
told him to remain silent.

»Warts?« Melanie said,
»what are you doing here?«

»Wardens, my princess,«
Deedee replied,
»we're your wardens, but anyway,
you are needed at home, because
something happened.«

Now Melanie was wide awake.
She demanded to know what had happened, but
her two wardens swore
they weren't permitted to explain, in order
not to worry her.

»Okay,« she said, »we're going.«
And off they were.

W E   A R E   T I K A


I may be Tika