When god came
to me to
fight the devil,
he created YOU,
my angel
as his weapon
with smiling eyes burning,
a fervor, heavenly
to make me give
my life for you,
with every breath
die for you
until he once
takes me away

To make me find You
my saviour,
god showed me dreams of Eden,
haunted me with snakes and
dying trees,
chased me with lightnings
until I was bleeding,
stroke empty crosses
on a hill in rain,
in crusades and inquisitions,
drowing in floods
he made me cry and feel shame,
he sentenced me for doubts and weakness
with his holy mercy of pain

When god came
to me to
fight the devil,
the devil fought back
but his weapon
was the same

My angel,
my passion
my eternal obsession,
my pleasure,
my pain,
heaven and hell
when I speak your name

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